About Us

Hello, to the AWESOME that is you! 

WE ARE AWESOME was born out of the times we are living in... 2020 has been rough for us all and many of us are working hard to remind ourselves of how awesome we truly are.

Being true to yourself is the most AWESOME thing you can do, so the AWE SO ME brand of goods is here to help you wear it with pride. We are size inclusive, because we believe AWESOME comes in every size, shape, color and creed. 

WE ARE AWESOME is 100% owned and operated by our founder, Dorie, a Parsons trained graphic designer with 15+ years of experience with brands like Martha Stewart, Weber Shandwick, MediaCom, Guardian, HGTV Magazine, Redbook and many others. She is also the human behind Instagram sensations, The Kardoggians

Being AWESOME is at the heart of everything we do, so we are sure to donate 10% of all profits annually to causes we think are AWESOME like animal rescue, Black Lives Matter, and Planned Parenthood.